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New new topre, let me have your thoughts.

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New new topre, let me have your thoughts.
« on: October 29, 2018, 09:33:59 PM »


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So I'm new to this side of shooting. Coming from big bore lever guns, all the tacticool stuff and a love of just slinging lead. I'm about to purchase a setup but figured before I spend a chunk of change I'd get some input from people who live this life. I already have my optics picked out " razor hd gen ii ", and a bipod "accuracy fc5qd". The major component here being the sword is what I cant make my mind up on. I've asked at the local shop and of course the point me to the mpa 6.5 which I love but not sure if it's what would be best as it's right at the top of my price spectrum for a rifle. My goal is to work my way up to regularly shooting out to a mile and possibly getting into some competitions. The three rifles I've narrowed down to are the Mpa in 6.5cm which buds"my local shop sells for 2300", a ruger precision in 6.5cm that I will hop up by switching over to a CD barrel and a few other mods, or the Christensen arms mpr in 6.5cm. I dont want to have to upgrade to a new rifle because I outgrow my initial purchase in a years time so out of the 3 mentioned what would you go with and why? Thanks for your time.

Re: New new topre, let me have your thoughts.
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Your budget sounds healthy. I'd have something built rather than buying off the shelf.
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