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6.5 Creedmoor Handloading


So, I've found a good varmint load in the 85gr Sierra Varminter and a hefty load of Reloder 15 to the tune of almost 3700fps. My issue is with the new 150gr Sierra Matchking. I'm getting good velocity, but I'm wanting more. With a hefty load of Reloder 19, I've reached 2950fps. Sierra states in their most recent manual that Superformance is 50fps faster on a max load. I'm .6gr over max with Reloder 19 and loaded the Superformance up to the same .6gr over max to 2875-2900fps with a 5.0xx SD and an ES of 9fps, so it's a more consistent load at distance. Pressure signs aren't to the same level as with Reloder 19. So, should I keep pushing the powder level? I was told by techs at Berger and Sierra that using a magnum primer with a ball powder helps ignition and, in some cases, increases velocity. Has anyone experienced that? If I should stick to where I am load wise, should I switch to a benchrest primer to see if I can bring SD and ES down even lower?

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