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Front Bag Rider Question Re Tikka T3X A1 Rifle


I've got a new Tikka T3X A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor. The front handguard uses the M-LOK system, and I want to attach a front bag rider to it so I can use it with my Randolph front rest for 300 and 600 yard benchrest matches.

The EGW I bought is built for their handguards, so it's going back. I've considered their unit that utilized a picatinny rail, which could easily attach to the bottom of the rifle.

However, FWIW they get pretty bad ratings from those who've bought them at Midway, and I'm skeptical about going that route.

I contacted Competition Machining/gotoxring and they replied that they don't have a licensing agreement to make M-Lok compatible parts.

Any suggestions? Any insight or experience will be appreciated.

Not really anyone making one for M-Lok since they would have to license it for a bag rider that they would maybe sell 50 a year. You're best bet is to get an M-lok to Picatinny adapter, then get a bagrider that fits picatinny; JP Enterprises, Sinclair, etc. all make good riders. 


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