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2018 Season, Member recruitment, match list.

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2018 Season, Member recruitment, match list.
« on: December 20, 2017, 10:01:42 AM »

Jim See

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Guys and Gals 2018 has seen some major growth to the series. Our membership is over 215 right now and climbing.

We have expanded our number of matches and number of shooters per match, it looks like most matches will run between 50-70 shooters in 2018, depending on the size of the facilities.

Match fees have changed a bit from last seasons $50, yeah I know how much did they go up??? Right???
Well some of them went down. $40-$50 for most of the events. A couple new venues will be around $70 but that is what it took to keep the landowners happy.

As was done last year all  BWRS matches will open to registration to members 2 days earlier. Remaining slots will go to non members. Join the series and earn a spot to the finale, this year we will invite the top 75.

-Jim See-

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