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Deep Creek Outfitters match in Wall, SD AAR

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Deep Creek Outfitters match in Wall, SD AAR
« on: June 13, 2017, 05:20:12 PM »

Jeff M

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Drove out to Wall, SD this past weekend for the DCO match. As always it was a blast. Drew Travis Stevens and John Griswold in my squad (finished first and second, respectively), so I had a good baseline for the match leaders.

I started off decent enough. Timed out on only one stage (didn't get off 1 shot), dropped a few stupid ones I shouldn't have. Wind was switchy from 5-7:00, and gusted from dead calm to about 15.  Had a dead primer on one stage that flustered me and cost me a hit, made a mistake on the course of fire on another stage that cost me 3 hits.

Ended up in 9th place, should have been 4th, easily. For as little effort as I've actually put into training this season, I suppose that's not too bad. There were 60ish shooters (match was capped at 70, some didn't show).

Looking forward to the fall match - it will be suppressors only!!
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