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BWRS announcement info

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BWRS announcement info
« on: May 16, 2017, 10:44:35 PM »

Jeff M

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Announcements will continue to be made here on the forum, and this is where discussion for the series should take place.  The public-facing BWRS page has been "cleaned up", and will remain as a place for match photos, standing announcements, and sponsor announcements.

For those of you that wish to get updates via FB, there is a new private group, BWRS Paid Members.  It is not necessary that you run out and sign up for a FB account, since all information WILL continue to be posted on here.

However, IF YOU DO - your name needs to match (or at least be relatively close) to what is listed on the membership roster.  If you use some nonsense FB name that is not your real name, your request to join WILL be rejected.  Please check your FB messages if you request to join and are not added within a day or two.

Thank you.
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