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6mmBR build

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6mmBR build
« on: May 01, 2017, 10:51:16 PM »


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Over the last few months, I've narrowed down the list of cartridges I've wanted to build a rifle around. As much as I LOVE our 260 Dingo, I've decided on the 6mmBR. I've decided on a 700 action thanks to a recent installation of a Timney trigger with a sub 10 ounce pull. What I need help with is barrel choices(we prefer Shilen), reamers, and potential loads. I asked this on another forum and got an EXTREMELY detailed answer that is a bunch of gibberish to me, screenshots below. Now, I've asked our machinist and he's not a fan of freebore. Can someone put this in remedial terms for me?

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Re: 6mmBR build
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Jeff M

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All I can say is if your machinist is not a fan of freebore, then I suggest you find a gunsmith, not a machinist. Freebore is necessary.
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