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Rockcastle Long Range Rifle Series

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Rockcastle Long Range Rifle Series
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The first Rockcastle Long Range Rifle Series match will be June 4th. (2nd match will be Aug 5th, Finale will be Dec2-3. **These matches will NOT count for PRS Club Points** We will be working with Gruntstyle to have match tshirts made up for you to purchase at $20 if you want one. Registration will open Feb 14th matches tend to fill up extremely fast do not procrastinate. Slots are non refundable but can be sold or transferred. There will be 2 Rockcastle Series matches this year and a finale/championship match. You must atleast shoot in one regular match to have qualifier points for the finale. Your best match score will be worth 50% and your Finale score will be worth 50%. Who ever has the highest score for the season will receive the finale Grand Prize SIP Custom Rifle. Expect a fun COF with approx; 100 Round Count. 10 stages. Targets ranging from 200-1200 yards w/ 75% of the targets being in the 400-700 range. 1-4moa in size, this first match all targets will be known distance. Some typical stages will include Coldbore, PRS Skills Stage, KYL Rack, TYL Rack, there will be some reactive target stages, some hostage target stages, some stages will be shot prone, there will be roof tops, ladders, barricades, spools, etc. Gear wise you WONT need tripods, hog saddles etc.

It is recommended that your rifle have the ability to magazine feed minimum 10 rds. If you have a 5 round mag or you have floorplate bdl style where you feed rounds from the top, even single feed system you are allowed to shoot the match, but it is likely that you will be at a disadvantage. A typical stage is set up like: you have 10 targets set up near to far from 300 yards to 800 yards. Engage each with one round a piece you have 90 secs. Having to reload is going to cost you a ton of time in situations like this.

Caliber restrictions.

Nothing larger than 300wm and a 200 gr projectile.
 Nothing smaller than 223/5.56 and 55gr projectile.

Max velocity 3200 fps

Absolutely no steel penetrator, green tip, military ball ammo.

Steel targets are extremely expensive, anyone caught shooting these types of ammo will be disqualified and help pay for damages.

Squading for the Match will be done at sign in. I will have a paper with squads 1-8 on it and you will just sign your name next to the squad you want in.

Timeline for June 4 match.


4-10pm sign in
 4-6pm zero range is open
 You must sign in before going to zero range.


6-7am sign in
 6-7am zero range is open
 7:30am mandatory match brief in lodge parking lot.
 8:00 am match begins
 We will not stop for lunch so bring something to snack on. You can eat in the lodge after the match also.
 4pm Award.

For Registration information
 follow the link

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