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Spring has sprung, so time to get back on the gun!


Jeff M:
Heading to the range in a bit to knock off the rust.

Planning to just work on accuracy/speed today.  I have about 200 rounds of .223 to fireform to AI for my trainer rifle, so I'm going to do dot drills with all of it.

Anybody else getting back on the horse?

Not really range time but I made 231 and 228 yard shots on small nuccense critters in these high winds the past few days. Not with my precision rifle either. Used a Howa mini in 223 shooting 50 vmax. 

One shot was sitting and one kneeling and resting against my livestock trailer.  I was pretty pleased.

Need to get loading and shoot a bit in this wind this afternoon.


Jeff M:
Nice!  Sitting/kneeling/standing are definitely positions I need to work on.

I only ended up getting through about 100 rounds yesterday, but it was still a good day.  Practiced my trigger pull, and fireformed a bunch of brass.  Good stuff.

Helped a guy on here get sighted in and on paper with his new rifle.  Nice build, MPA, Bighorn, Gen 2 Razor.  He should do well this season at matches.

Spent the day at work.  Might squeeze in some dry fire practice today between yard work and oil changes.

Hopefully headed out shed/coyote tomorrow. 

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Might have a match to try out on April 1st so I'm trying to get my load development ironed out. Should have it this week then I can get some quick practice in before the match. I'd prefer more time to practice but figure I'll learn enough at my first match that I'll be able to hone in on what I can practice better.


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