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LR Training Class in Orient SD May 28th and 29th

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LR Training Class in Orient SD May 28th and 29th
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Jim See

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Elite Accuracy LLC in conjunction with Onpoint Enterprises LLC will be holding a long range rifle training course on May 28th and 29th 2016 at the South Dakota Range near Orient SD

Day 1. Introduction to Long Range Shooting, 8am to 4pm

Equipment; Students will need a Bolt action Rifle with bipod, a scope with exposed turrets capable of dialing their elevation corrections and 200 minimum rounds of ammunition, bring a sand sock or rear bag for shooting prone. Rifle systems should be capable of 1 moa or less. Students will also need an electronic device to calculate their rifles DOPE, OR a paper chart with their rifles DOPE already created for 100-1100 yards. Note taking material.

Day one will start with classroom lecture and then we will work on long range targets from the prone position.

Day 2. Precision Rifle Match shooting, 8am to 3pm

Suggested extra equipment; A wrist coach to record data on (like quarterbacks wear) A positional Sling to aid your shooting in barricade work.

Day Two will start with a classroom lecture and then we will work on match type shooting with the precision rifle, multiple target engagements and barricade style shooting. We will also shoot some stages from the PRS event held on the range in May.

Fee: $300

All students will sign a liability waiver release and each student will be responsible for every bullet that comes out of their firearm. We operate a cold range, no firearms will be loaded at any time, and your instructor will be the only one who tells you when to load your firearm and that will only happen when we are on the firing line with rifles pointed down range. A safety brief will be given both days.
Make sure your equipment and ammunition is safe in your firearm, have your rifles zeroed and your turret zeroed at 100 yards.

Typical cartridges are 6mm thru 300 win mags. Please no cartridges that are over 3200 fps, and no 338.

Lunch will be provided both days.

To enroll email Jim See at include in the email you name, address and phone number as well as which day or days you wish to attend. The class is limited to 10 students so enroll asap if you wish to attend.