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MN Pro-Am - 4/15

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MN Pro-Am - 4/15
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Rush Lake Range LLC
49899 Co Hwy 54, New York Mills, Minnesota 56567

Minnesota Pro-Am Team Match
Rush Lake Range
Saturday April 15th 9am
This event is designed to get new shooters into their first match. The new shooter will be paired up with an experienced shooter. The stages will be similar to a standard Minnesota Tactical match however the score will be for the team and not individual. The Experienced shooter will shoot the stage first. The new shooter will shoot right after. This match encourages on the line coaching for the new shooter. They will be given wind calls, tips on what positions and techniques may be beneficial in each stage. Most importantly they can be given shot feedback including mil/moa corrections.
We have many shooters in the state that have shot a half dozen matches or more. If you are interesting in trying this sport, have shot 0-1 long-range matches please post your looking for a teammate. The experienced guys need YOU to attend this team only event.
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