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*PRS* Steel City Precision Rifle Challenge - GA - 11/10-11/11

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960 Riverbend Road, Cusseta, Georgia Cusseta, United States

This will be a precision rifle event, not just a match. We will be coordinating with vendors so they can have as many opportunities as possible to show their products to shooters and spectators in designated demo areas on both Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon/evening. On Saturday afternoon there will be a social event near the demo area on site for competitors, vendors and R.O.'sWe have a fun and challenging course of fire planned to test the precision rifle shooter with stages emphasizing, accuracy, time/gear management all under practical rifle scenario based stages. This match will also incorporate assaulter elements into at least 3 stages, (shoot house clearing, and engagements etc..) The things we have planned will give the average shooter a completely new experience in the precision multi-gun game. The match will be designed to accommodate all shooting abilities. We want all to feel comfortable competing at a match that encourages camaraderie, and assistance from more experienced shooters.

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