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*NRL* High Country Precision's Mile High Shootout - CO - 7/22-7/23

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High Country Precision’s Mile High Shootout
Dates: July 22nd-23rd
Location: Craig, Colorado

The Mile High Shootout is an 18-20 stage field course with static and reactive targets ranging from 200 yards to 1400 yards.  Most targets will be under 1000 yards, but get ready for a few surprises! Most shooting positions will be in natural terrain and conditions with a few shooting props.  Walking between stages will be necessary so plan on shooting the entire course with what you’re carrying!  Round count for the match will be no more than 250, but be sure to bring extra ammunition for the zero range.

The match will comprise of a mandatory check in and safety brief on Friday afternoon, an all-day match starting Saturday morning, and ending Sunday with an awards ceremony after lunch. A practice range will be available on site Friday afternoon as well as a “train up” session with Colorado Precision Rifle. For information on the train up session, contact Robert at
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