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Anyone know of training somewhere around NY State

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Hi Guys
I'm looking for some training, and range pracice in or arround NY State. The longest ranges by me are in the 300 yard range, and obviously don't suit my needs to stretch out practice sessions.

I'm willing to do private or group training.


Jeff M:
Closest one I know off the top of my head is Thunder Valley in Ohio.

I *think* I read somewhere that there's a range near Olean that may or may not have training, but damned if I can remember the name of it.

Call east Aurora rod & gun (if they are still operating) and see if anyone there has any ideas...

Where in NY?

WNY: offered some good classes. I took the first 2 (of 3) last year. Great instructors, and always good guys in the classes has some classes out in Lewistown PA. Looks like a cool facility, but I have never been.

If I was you I would check out Wolf Precision I have attended classes there and it is a very good school. I am going to Ghost this spring. Both schools go out to 1,000 yd +.

Thanks Gunny.
I will check them out.

Im also thinking of contacting the Olean Rod and  Gun Club. They have a range out to 600. It looks l like they had a rifle comp, but no one has run it. Thinking of stepping up... Anyone want to shoot/help if we can get something going?


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