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*PRS* Tactical Supply - WA - 6/3-6/4

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*PRS* Tactical Supply - WA - 6/3-6/4
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1701 Garretson Lane, Yakima, Washington Yakima, United States

The Tactical Supply PRS match is a two-day PRS points race event located on the East face of Mt. Clemens above the little town of Naches, WA (12 miles West of Yakima, WA). The match location is on the edge of a private orchard with firing lines extending into the surrounding sagelands, up the face of Mt. Clemans and into the ravines below. The location provides for challenging stages of fire with picturesque views of the Cascade Mountains. The focus of our matches is always centered on the camaraderie of the precision rifle shooting community.

The design for this match will utilize stage set-ups based on hunting and military style shooting situations with targets ranging out to a maximum of 1200 yards. Each of the 18 stages will consist of 3 to 5 rifle targets varying in range with each target being engaged twice. Targets will be non-painted with distances and general location being provided by the RO.

Stages are located within a half mile long firing line, which was intentionally designed to allow shooters to engage socially with each other and also allow for viewing of the entire firing line and field of fire by spectators.

We will be providing in the field lunches (sandwiches, water, cookies, and chips both Saturday and Sunday). Saturday evening Van's 1885 Tavern (Naches, WA) will be hosting a social gathering with a few choice beverages provided by match sponsors. Sunday will start early and wrap up around 3pm with an awards ceremony and BBQ dinner at Clemans View Sports Complex.

Primitive RV and camping spots are available within the match site property but limited to first come, first served. Campfires are prohibited and since it is private property, your cooperation in garbage removal is appreciated. More traditional lodging can be found 12 miles to the East in Yakima, WA and an easy drive via Highway 12.

Stage Descriptions: 12 rifle only stages each comprised of 3-5 steel rifle targets to distances of 1200 yards. 6 Rifle/Pistol stages comprised of varied pistol targets to distances of 30 yards with 3 rifle targets to 1200 yards.

Target Descriptions: Dynamic Metals reactive steel targets in Round, Square, IPSC, Coyote, Know-Your-Limits, and Hostage configurations will be utilized. We attempt to keep all target size to distance ratios at a minimum of 1.5 MOA.

Where: Naches, WA (12 miles West of Yakima, WA) Tactical Supply's Precision Rifle Range CHARLIE (Specific Location will be provided in registration confirmation email to all participants)

When: 7:00AM-5:00PM Saturday Safety Briefing begins Saturday at 7:30AM, Shooting begins at 8:30AM. 7:00AM-3:00PM Sunday: Shooting begins at 7:30AM, awards and dinner to follow.

Velocity Limit: 3200 FPS

Suggested Gear List: Shooters will utilize all the kit they can carry on their person. Distance from parking area to shooting area is approximately one half mile so wear good footwear. June in Central, WA can be varied so be prepared for anything.

Round Count: Approx 150 rounds rifle, 50 rounds pistol.
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