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*PRS* Rock Lake Precision Rifle Steel Challenge - WA - 4/22-4/23

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2356 Glorfield Road, Saint John, Washington Saint John, United States

Rock lake Rifle Range will be hosting a National PRS point’s race April 22nd-23RD 2017 Match Director: Doug Glorfield Email: Phone: 509-939-7855 Rock Lake Rifle Range is Located 45 minutes south from Spokane Washington in the rolling hills of the Palouse, we have 4000 acres on our private Ranch. The Range is in our long valley and set up to shoot from one side to the other with distances up to 1450 yards. We have some excellent switchy winds to really test a shooters ability for wind calls. We have some excellent natural terrain that provides shooters a real world environment. Important Match Details    Camping at the barn, this is where the match is! Check-in, Sight-in is at the shooting facility    Match Address/Barn: 2356 Glorfield rd. St. John WA. 99171    Check-in/Sight in Address: 9992 Rock lake Rd St. John WA 99171 Shooter Check-in, Sight in April 21st Friday at the shooting facility •   Registration December 31st 8am, •   •   Match cost 225.00, includes T-shirt, Dinner Saturday and lunch Sunday •   Friday April 21st match check in 1-6pm at Rock Lake rifle range Shooting Facility. •   Saturday MANDATORY safety brief 7 AM in front of THE BARN. Match booklet will be handed out at brief. All rules will follow PRS Rules and Rock Lake Rifle Range’s mandatory insurance guidelines. Any failure to comply will result in Match DQ. •   Match goes hot at 8AM Saturday •   Sunday, meet at 6:30am in front of the barn. Match goes hot at 7AM Important Safety/stage movement •   All PRS rules apply, OPEN &TACTICAL DIVISIONS •   We run a cold range, so no loaded handguns, they are not in the match so no need to carry one. There are no venomous snakes on property and no wild creatures that will attack you at close range. •   Chamber flag is required per PRS rules and RLRR insurance policy, if you do not have one, we will provide one. •   Rifles are to be carried with muzzle down! When transitioning on a stage keep muzzle down and bolt open after last shot. Semi-Auto just need to be in safe position. Match overview •   RLRR strives to put on a fun and safe match with realistic shooting conditions (we usually have a lot of wind) This will be a fast paced match where Shooter will engage targets out to 1250 yards that will be sized accordingly for their distance. All stages will have its each individual guidelines laid out in the Shooter booklet. RO’s will help with any questions that arise. ALL equipment can be used unless specified. I believe if you bought it, use it. This will be a fast pace match with small squads. Saturday will be a long day to get all the stages done to make Sunday short. The course is laid out over a mile long so there will be some mild hiking. Course of Fire/Rifle info •   Most stages are set to test shooters ability under stress with time limits. •   5 minute overview of stage as a group. •   Must have chamber flag in until RO says safe to remove. •   No coaching while shooter is under time, however I do encourage new shooters to ask questions before and after. Plus I encourage veteran shooters to help new shooters with questions. •   RO’s will only call IMPACT, after stage time they can tell you where you were hitting. •   Max caliber 300 win mag MAX Speed 3150FPS. •   Bring 200+ Rounds. Lodging and Match location 2356 Glorfield RD St. John WA. 99171 The range has dry camping available Free. Porta potty’s on site. The Holliday INN is 25 minutes from range Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cheney

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