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How would I approach pistol work for my first match

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How would I approach pistol work for my first match
« on: January 01, 2017, 04:57:31 PM »


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I am registered for the Peacemaker PRS in April, but plan to try to BW match in Illinois on April 8 first, which would be my first match. Til now, my efforts have been with LR rifle work.  Would appreciate some input on what to bring, and how to prepare for pistol work. Thx.

Re: How would I approach pistol work for my first match
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*generally* speaking, a lot of PRS matches don't actually score the pistol section.  It's there to chew into your time so that you get less rifle rounds downrange.

That's not to say that all matches are like that, but that seems to be the trend that I've noticed.

As far as what to practice, MDs are always dreaming up new and creative ways to make competitors perform.  Some matches I've been to just had cardboard IPSC targets that you had to put 2 holes in, some have steel plates that you have to knock down/hit.

Pistol is pistol, for the most part.  They won't make you do anything unsafe (like stand on your head), so I wouldn't worry too much about anything strange like that.

You may find yourself presented with pistol shots longer than you normally attempt though, so I would be sure you're proficient from 10 yards and in, and maybe practice a bit at 25 & 50 yards.

Again, the hits don't have to be bullseye-quality hits, but if you can hit a pie plate at 25-50 yards, you should be fine.
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