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2016 Gap Grind Pro-Am match at K&M Precision

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2016 Gap Grind Pro-Am match at K&M Precision
« on: October 11, 2016, 11:24:08 AM »

Jim See

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Jeff Malczewski asked me to write an AAR on the Gap Grind, well since I shot with him as his Pro I guess I will give you the overview of an eventful week-end of shooting and shenanigans.

Jeff and I arrived Thursday night in Selmer TN for a nights rest and were off to the range for Fridays Pro-Am practice time. The day was sunny and warm as we slung some lead on the front range and verified our data. Jeff was pretty good and I was loosing about 2 tenths at long range. No big deal I just swapped out my paper data chart for another with a velocity of about 30 fps less and things lined up fine.

Saturday Morning had us up early and headed to the range for a 7am start time, Squad 6 was sent to the 300 yard mover stage and we shot stages clockwise around the range. Most stages in the team match were prone or modified prone, which worked great for team shooting. Jeff and I had some very good stages and some we struggled with. The swinger stage required the Pro to shoot a Spinner target from a roof top position to reveal a static target for the Am to shoot when it became exposed. Sounds simple, well it might have been the easiest stage to bomb and we did. Jeff struggled with timing the swinging movement of my target to engage his. This caused him to send the spinner to spin and then made my engagement more difficult as the target was moving much faster. That was one we both wanted a do-over.

During the day our squad knew Nick and Matt were shooting great so we all supported each other with any help we could, as a team these guys were un-stoppable and it was a joy to watch. The rest of us kept up our game and Travis and Mike were attempting to push to the top. It was a great competition with-in the squad, but it never stopped us from helping when we could. At the end of the day Nick and Matt took 1st team and Travis and Mike took 3rd team.

Unofficially I think the RO's voted me the meanest pro for my constant riding on Jeff, my friend and armature shooting partner for the match. But if they think that was bad they should see us on a fishing trip! Hell Jeff and I had a blast that's just who we are. We wrapped up the team portion in a tie for 12th place that had us both feeling pretty good after day 1.

Day 2 was a bit chilly, and every shooter was on his own point scoring, my Surgeon Rifle in 6.5x47 ran flawlessly with my Gen 2 Vortex Razor allowing Berger Bullets to find their mark. We started at the top of the range on a long range stages, the format remained the same, almost! Today the Pro shot all stages first with no feed-back or help from the Am, according to the PRS rules for points race matches. So I would take my 8-10 shots in the 75 second long stage time and immediately Jeff would be started. I could give Jeff my wind calls and spot for him as my partnered Am. This format worked well and allowed the Pro's to actively coach the Am's into targets with solid information. With the cold ammo/weather and lower density altitudes I almost had a first stage disaster. I had written my DOPE down the night before using a 2000 DA. Our first stage had us shooting out past 900 yards, luckily I caught the impacts on target and seen they were on the bottom edge, catching my mistake before it caused a low miss.

I had made it through 5 stages dropping only 2 points, then we hit the 500 yard mover stage I dropped 3 points. I was a little disappointed but considering the added difficulty of engaging the mover through some window cut-outs I was confident a 7 was a solid score. In the final 6 stages I dropped 5 points in 4 stages cleaning 2. It was a great performance that was even more enjoyable since I accomplished it with friends. Andy, Nick and I were constantly talking wind and helping one another with what we thought was happening on the range.  As a group we worked well together and squad 6 tore it up, taking many top honors. Including; Top Pro-Am Team, 3rd Pro-Am team, 3rd place individual AM, and 1st place individual Pro, as well as a couple of stage wins.  Andy Folk did an excellent job of coaching his Am, Aaron, into a 3rd place finish. Andy had loaned his 260 rifle and Federal Premium ammunition so Aaron could shoot the match. Meanwhile Andy was having 6xc ammunition problems of his own to deal with, which he traced back to scale problems when he loaded it.

Congrats to Danny Matthews, Paul P Reid, Gerald Delk, and Chad Roberts, for rounding out the top 5 on Sundays Pro race. The Gap Grind was one of the best run matches I have ever shot. George Gardner, Shannon Kay, and an array of some of the best RO's in the sport ran 236 shooters out of 200 rounds of ammunition, in about 18 hours over 2 days. Bushnell Sports Optics and GA Precision were the title sponsors with additional support from many other companies in the industry. I would like to Thank Tom Manners, he has consistently donated his time and product to the Precision Rifle sports, and I was happy to see him and his daughter at the match. Kudos to Bushnell they supported this match with Cash and Prizes as they have many other PRS matches. Armageddon Gear, Swarovski Optics, Copper Creek ammunition, Precision Tactical Arms, and many other companies assisted with the match. 

I was competed against friends at this match, some shined and some struggled. All of them are top notch.
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Re: 2016 Gap Grind Pro-Am match at K&M Precision
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Jeff M

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It was great to shoot alongside you all weekend, Jim.  Getting to watch your victory through my own scope was a very special experience that I will remember fondly for years to come (until I win one on my own, anyway).   :D
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Re: 2016 Gap Grind Pro-Am match at K&M Precision
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You really weren't messing around Sunday, Jim. It was awesome to watch. Thank you for all the knowledge you have imparted on me that has helped me become a better shooter! Congrats on the win!