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Basic match information

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Basic match information
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steve wirth

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Precision Rifle Matches in North Central Kansas

Match Overview:

Safety is of the utmost importance. A safety briefing will be given prior to each match.
Sign up is from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.
These are mostly steel matches.
Yardages range from 10 yards to 1400+ yards with the majority of the targets in the 300 to 800 yard range.
3100 fps maximum muzzle velocity.
No green tip, steel core, or penetrating type ammo allowed.
Matches will not always be the same as the last months. We may be shooting down on the flat ground or we may be shooting up in the hills.
Round counts run from 60 to 90 per match. There are usually a few pistol targets also during the match. Round counts for pistol are usually around 30.
Must use the same rifle throughout the match.
We shoot from a variety of positions and various barricades.
Most yardages will be given.
We usually have from 8 to 10 stages.
Match fee is $20
Lodging on site is available.


Remaining matches for 2016

September 3 Benefit Precision Rifle Match
September 10 Precision Rifle Match
October 9 Precision Rifle Match

More information can be found at or on our facebook page

1890 North 215th Rd
Barnard, Ks 67418

We are approximately 45 miles North West of Salina, Ks

Please let me know if you have any questions. Come on out and shoot with us!