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MK Machining Review

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MK Machining Review
« on: July 23, 2016, 04:01:47 PM »


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What a great day! I am excited to give a review for the MK Machining- Throw Lever for the Vortex Razor-Gen 1 Scope and the MK Machining 35mm Hinged Scope Level.

Thank you for the awesome products!

Throw Lever: This is my first throw lever. Who knew I was missing out?! I tried the throw lever for the first time and I immediately fell in love. The throw lever provides a more efficient way to move faster and find the best magnification in a hurry. The throw lever is very easy to install! The material on the throw lever allows for an easy grip. The fit was very good.

Hinged Scope Level: This level is such a FANTASTIC upgrade compared to my old US Optics level. No more remembering to swing the level in and out. No more putting the level cap somewhere I wouldn’t forget it. The hinged scope level was so easy to assemble. Anyone can do it. I was able to install the level with the scope mounted to the gun. The level window is a good size and easy to find. The level is aluminum.  I was blown away to find out the MK Machining hinged scope level is not only LESS expensive than my old US Optics level but seems to fit my preferences instantly.

I highly recommend the throw lever and hinged scope level! MK Machining definitely went above and beyond with these products and met my high expectations. 

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