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June 18th match.

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June 18th match.
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Jim See

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Our NEXT match at SureShot Range will be on Saturday June 18th, John Fetzer will be hosting, Start time will be 9am, bring your rifle and gear for a 65-75 round match, speed limit 3100 and nothing over 30 cal. Targets out to 800 yards, have your guns zeroed and your dope ready. Rifles with scopes capable of dialing shooting distances, all bullets must land on the impact burms.

1777 55th St
Mount Auburn, Iowa

The Match will start with range safety training, COF (coarse of fire) descriptions for 7-8 stages, and roll call. We may hold a brief IPRC meeting after the match. Range fee is $30 per shooter. We need to have at least 15 guys to hold this match, max of 35 guys. We will run 2-3 stages concurrently and hope to have this wrapped up in 4-5 hours.

So we can get an attendance number post here if you KNOW YOU CAN make it. If you already posted on the Iowa facebook page DO NOT post here.

Re: June 18th match.
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