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Remage Barrel Installation


Working up to the Battle of Breakneck I wanted to switch from my 308 to one of the 6.5mms.  I didn't have a lot of time (or money) so I was carefully weighing a full gunsmith job, Ruger Precision Rifle or a Remage barrel.  Ultimately I decided on running the Remage barrel, thinking that eventually I will upgrade to a higher end action.  I'm not the best group shooter, but so far I have been quite happy with the conversion.  It worked well through the Battle of Breakneck and I'm sure it made the windy conditions easier than the 308 would have been. 

With a lot of the brass and bullet components in and out of stock I went with a 260 Remington.  I was able to pick up Lapua brass from Mile High Shooting and shot Hornady 140 BTHPs for the Breakneck and the last local match.  I have a few 140 gr ELDs to try out next.  There is a lot I still want to upgrade on my current setup, but for right now I'm content with the new barrel.

Here is some video I did of the install:


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