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Anyone have some links to good YouTube videos with barricade shooting tips?

Jeff M:
Honestly, Just search youtube for match videos.  Pay attention to how other guys set up on barricades.  Watch as many as you can.  Then go try it out for yourself and see what works for you.

As Jim See says - building a stable position takes time, but shooting from a stable position saves time.


here some plans for one that i've played with

I've had some really good luck lately with the barricades. Depending on how stable the barricade is I may pull into it or push into it. My biggest help is a good patrol carry style sling, I use a tab prs sling. Main thing is to build a barricade and see what works then practice a lot. I also try to start low then work up as I'm more stable kneeling than standing. Those are some things that help me.

I try to practice on anything I can around the house.  Buildings solid position is everything.


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