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Sharing Wind Data? How?

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Sharing Wind Data? How?
« on: March 28, 2016, 07:55:32 AM »


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Shot the SFTG, hadn't shot with anyone in my squad previously. I was the only one in my squad that talked wind value, full value, 10 mph left hold...... Everyone else would state what they held, left edge, .5 mils......  One of the first of just a few stages I cleaned fellow squad mate next to shoot asked what I held for wind, told him full value/10 mph hold for the first three 12mph 4th and 5th..... No, what did you hold? Huh?

For the most part everyone I shoot with here in Colorado talks wind value when sharing data. For me sharing anything but wind value is worthless information except if we are shooting the same bullet/velocity...... How does everyone here communicate wind holds?

Another thing that was different, some of the guys on my squad would dial wind, then hold on that if needed. I very rarely dial wind, occasionally for a one distant target/multiple positions stage and always dial wind for movers. What do you guys do?

Re: Sharing Wind Data? How?
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Most everyone shoot with and have shot with talks what they held in measurements - half a mil, a mil, favor left, just off, etc.  You and the CO group out there are the only ones I know that talk "full value" etc.

I like the half mil/mil communication better.  It forces me to think about what they are shooting, and how it compares to what I shoot.  If someone asks me what I held, I give them the measurement.  To me, it seems more "fair" since it forces them to figure out how it applies to them, rather than just handing them a wind estimation that they can plug into applied ballistics and get an easy hit.
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