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Target Hit Indicator Systems Group Buy

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Target Hit Indicator Systems Group Buy
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Hello Everyone,

I am the owner of Target Hit Indicator Systems and I was requested to share one of my products with you all.

Are you tired of playing the guessing game on whether you hit a target at a long distance because of mirage or wind? Better yet, do you have that one friend that says he hits the target, but all you see is dirt fly? If so, then this system is for you.

Our most popular option is the Wireless version because you won't need to worry about hitting the cables with bullet spalling or a direct hit.
The Wireless system comes with one of each of the following items: sensor/transmitter, receiver, flash, bracket, and flexible tripod. The sensor fits in a laser cut bracket with a velcro strap that has a 1/2" mounting hole. The flash attaches to the top of the receiver and then attaches to a 7" rubberized tripod. The flash runs off of two AA standard batteries; the sensor and receiver run off of two standard AAA batteries. All of these items come securely packaged in a durable plastic carrying case, similar to the carrying case that your pistol would fit in.

We are proud to offer Military/Veteran and Public Service discounts with a code through our website. (email/pm for info)

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us through email, our personal Facebook page, or even this page. We are more than happy to answer all questions and inquiries about our products.

This is the first time I have offered something like this so bare with me. We are going to do the first group buy of (10) units. Each unit will cost $125 which is $25 off retail. If you would like to participate in this I need you to reply to this post and then message me your information. Name, Address, phone number, email. Once I receive that information I will email you an invoice where you can pay for the system and I will get it out in the mail.

Please visit the pages below to see the flash system. I tried attaching the image here but it was VERY VERY LARGE.....

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