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Holly, Colorado March 12th

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Holly, Colorado March 12th
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ScottyD sent this to me, I just registered. 37 slots still available


We did a bunch of planning and target location scouting yesterday. We have come up with 10 stages that should be fun and challenging for most of you.
The entry fee for this match will be $50. We will have cash given back to top placers, and possible some prizes for the prize table. I think this is going to be a really fun match for you PRS guys, as well as you new shooters.
If you are a new shooter, you will get more than $50 worth in what you learn from these other seasoned shooters. I will do my best to get the less experienced guys in squads with more experienced guys.

So here's the breakdown:

WHEN: March 12th, 2016. We are trying for an 0800 start time. There will be a 100 yard range with paper for you to verify zero before start time if you require it.

WHERE: South of Holly, Colorado, just off highway 89. The actual address for the match is 12600 County Road 33 Holly, CO 81047. I should be able to get a sign on the highway the day of the match, and its really easy to get to the staging area.

DETAILS: $50.00 registration fee. 100 round minimum, 10 rounds per stage, 10 stages, bring extra if you need to check zero, or for other situations like bad primers or brass that wont chamber-you name it. What you have extra is up to you. This is tactical/practical, so you probably are not going to need super fancy stuff like a tripod, but you will want your shooting bags etc as there will be prone stages, movement, and shooting from barricades. Make sure you have a sling for carrying your rifle and for support while shooting if you like.

This is the link to register. If you are not already registered with practiscore, you must register with them to be in the system. Its free and easy. Then you can register and pay. I left the option for you to be able to pay in cash at the match on the day of, but I REALLY prefer you pay now so I can cover administrative fees.

Feel free to reply to this post if you are planning on attending. We did our best to pick a day that would work for as many people as possible, especially competitive shooters who are on a tight schedule/circuit.

Let me know if you have any questions.
ACCOMMODATIONS: There is a very nice motel here in Holly that is new, clean, and fairly priced. If you are coming the night before, you may want to book as soon as you can. It is called Miles Court. Here is a link.
There is another Hotel in downtown across the street from my apartment. I dont really know the correct name of it, and they dont have someone inside all the time since its a small town. I will get the number and post it. I hear the rooms are ok, but wont be as good as Miles Court. I'll post the number when I get it.
Also, the only place in this town to eat during the afternoon/evening is Porky's Parlor. Its basically burgers and fries in a basket kind of place. Its decent food, but a little on the high side. You city guys may be used to the pricing haha. There is also a new grocery store here called Reyman's. They close at 7pm and are open all day Saturday.
And of course there is a convenience store here that has the usual stuff like pizza and a Subway inside.

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