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Sightmark Wolfhound 6x44 BNIB

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Sightmark Wolfhound 6x44 BNIB
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Won this at a match. Brand New in Box

Wolfhound 6x44 Prismatic Weapon Sight (SM13026)

Designed for quick-target acquisition on an AR platform, the device features an advanced horseshoe dot reticle to compensate for bullet drop and an impressive 2.8-inch eye relief longer than most on the market for a natural, comfortable shooting stance. The reticle is ballistically matched to .223, 55 and 62 grain with holdovers from 300 to 900 yards. Equipped with a .5 MOA central aiming point for precision long-range shooting and a 7.5 MOA outer circle for flawless close-range shooting, the Wolfhound 6x44 is the ideal optic for the experienced shooter wanting to make their mark.

Looking for $225 shipped CONUS. Paypal +3% accepted. Local in Austin, TX. 1st PM saying you'll buy it gets it.