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IPRC Match - Mount Auburn, IA 7/16/2016

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IPRC Match - Mount Auburn, IA 7/16/2016
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We are a new club and as such are a work in progress, my goal when I moved to Iowa was to create an avenue of training and shooting for Iowans, in an effort to grow the sport of Precision Rifle Shooting.

Currently we are discussing the format of our club, we may very well implement a membership fee, based on discussions of carrying an insurance policy to protect shooters and Landowners who may volunteer property to use as a range.

We held our first Match in the fall of 2015 at Sure Shot Range in Mount Auburn Iowa.

Match Overview;

Targets are usually at a known distance, requiring good DOPE, and your wind reading skills will develop as you attend more matches. Most stages are anywhere from 200 to 800 yards, with an occasional stage out to 1000 yards or more. Most matches will be a 50/50 split of prone off a bipod, and barricade/positional.

Matches are designed to last no more than 4 or 5 hours so you can drive in, shoot 50 rounds, and drive home in one day for a reasonable cost.

Bolt action rifles are prevalent, but semi-auto gas guns (typically AR-10 or AR-15 platforms) are allowed and can be very effective.

Magnums are NOT allowed (to keep our steel targets in good shape), and 3100 fps is the maximum muzzle velocity allowed. Typical calibers are .308, 6.5mm Creedmore, .260 Remington, 6mm Creedmore and .243 Winchester.  NO STEEL CORE OR 'GREEN TIP' AMMO PERMITTED.

All you need is a scoped rifle, bipod, ammo and DOPE. Here is a good rundown on equipment:

The RULES are simple:

All shooters will compete in the same category....'run what you brung'.
You must complete all stages of a match with the same rifle.
Safety is extremely important, a Safety brief will be given before every match.
We shoot on a cold range, meaning no loaded firearms until you are on the firing line and instructed to load and make ready.


Scoring for an individual match will be at the discretion of the match director.


In 2016 we will try and host one match a month from April through September, for a total of six. I would like to hold Matches on the 3rd Saturday of every month, it will be much easier for everyone to remember the dates this way. These dates are subject to change based on planting spraying and harvest season! check the IPRC facebook page or this post for any changes.

2016 Match Dates:

April  16th
May 21st
June 18th
July 16th
August 20th
September 17th

The default start times for matches will be 9:00 am. unless announced as different.


Sureshot Range & Gunsmithing
1777 55th St
Mount Auburn, Iowa
John Fetzer (owner)

We are looking for new places to shoot, this would allow more matches to be held around Iowa, and enable us to start a series similar to the Missouri Series.
If you know of a range or landowner willing to work with us please contact me. (Jim See)

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