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MOST - DEC Range 10/15/2016

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MOST - DEC Range 10/15/2016
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Missouri Steel Tactical Series (MoST)

Long range tactical matches are alive and well in Missouri, and it is time to step up your game for the second year of a friendly and fast-paced competition series....the Missouri Steel Tactical Series.

What is MoST? Fast paced rifle matches divided into 8 or 10 stages where you will practice shooting at steel targets from different positions (standing, kneeling, sitting, prone), and various types of barricades. Most matches are about half prone, and half positional/barricades. Target sizes will depend on the distance and the level of difficulty. Less experienced shooters will get plenty of hits to make it fun, and the experts compete for bonus points by doing it faster or by engaging smaller optional targets. Targets are usually at a known distance, requiring good DOPE, and your wind reading skills will develop as you attend more matches. Most stages are anywhere from 200 to 700 yards, with an occasional stage out to 1000 yards or more.

Matches are designed to last no more than 4 or 5 hours so you can drive in, shoot 40-50 rounds, and drive home in one day for a reasonable cost. No preregistration is required....just show up.

Bolt action rifles are prevalent, but semi-auto gas guns (typically AR-10 or AR-15 platforms) are allowed and can be very effective.

Magnums are NOT allowed (to keep our steel targets in good shape), and 3100 fps is the maximum muzzle velocity allowed. Typical calibers are .308, 6.5mm Creedmore, .260 Remington, 6mm Creedmore and .243 Winchester.  NO STEEL CORE OR 'GREEN TIP' AMMO PERMITTED.


All you need is a scoped rifle, bipod, ammo and DOPE. Here is a good rundown on equipment:

Find out more about the series on Facebook.....

The RULES are simple:

All shooters will compete in the same category....'run what you brung'.
You must complete all stages of a match with the same rifle.
You must compete in at least four matches to qualify for final standings and prizes.
You must participate at two of the available ranges.
At least 3 of your 4 qualifying matches must be in the 'steel' format (i.e. the Paper Tactical matches cannot comprise more than 25% of your qualifying matches).


Scoring for an individual match will be at the discretion of the match director.
The top shooter's 'MoST' score for that match will be 100.
Other shooters will be awarded their percentage of the leader's score. For example,
if the leader scored 500 points, he is awarded 100 MOST points as his match
total. If you shoot 400 in the same match, you would be awarded 80 MOST points
as your match total (400 is 80% of 500 = 80 points).
The average of your four best scores will determine your standing against other shooters in the series.
If there are more than 30 shooters at any individual match, 2 additional MoST points will be awarded to each shooter in that match. This will give everyone extra credit for the more competitive events.


In 2016 we will host fifteen competitions at three different ranges. The scores for each match will be posted online, and each competitor's average score will be computed on a continuing basis. The top ranked shooters at the end of the year will qualify for fabulous prizes....honor, glory, and jelly doughnuts.

Four types of matches will qualify for the MOST Series:

Rolling Hills Steel Tactical Matches (Camdenton, MO) Location:
$30 entry fee (FREE FOR MEMBERS)
Facebook page:

Big Piney Steel Tactical Matches (Houston, MO) Location:
$20 entry fee Website:

Big Piney Paper Tactical Matches (Houston, MO) Same location
$20 entry fee

Defensive Engagement Concepts (West Plains, MO) Location:
$20 entry fee Website:

2016 Match Dates:

March 12 Defensive Engagement Concepts Range (DEC)...season opener
March 26 Big Piney Steel Tactical (BP)
April 23 BP Paper Tactical
April 30 DEC Range
May 14 Rolling Hills Range (RH)
Jun 11 DEC Range
Jun 25 BP Steel Tactical
July 16 DEC Range
July 30 BP Paper Tactical
Aug 6 RH Range
Sept 10 DEC Range
UPDATED:  Sept 17 BP Steel Tactical
Oct 15 DEC Range
Oct 29 BP Night Paper Tactical.....6PM
Nov 5 RH Range....season finale

A fourth range is under construction and may be available for the 2016 season. We are holding the following dates open, and we will give you further information as it becomes available:

April 9 TBA
May 21 TBA
July 9 TBA
Aug 20 TBA
Oct 1 TBA

This series is a lot of fun....we share techniques, information and good times....

See you at the range!

Buzz and Sean
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