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Classifieds rules

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Classifieds rules
« on: January 31, 2016, 06:55:28 PM »

Jeff M

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The forum is NOT responsible for any advertisements or transactions conducted here.

That said, I do want to try to do what I can to keep things on the up and up.  If you have an issue with a seller, or a buyer, please PM me.  I will not directly intervene in any transactions, but too many complaints about a particular user and I WILL remove their ability to access the classifieds.  It's simple.  If you're advertising an item for sale, deliver.  If you agree to buy, make sure to pay in a timely fashion.

BUSINESS ADVERTISING is forbidden, unless you are a forum sponsor.  If your business would like to advertise in the classifieds, please contact me via PM.

Though not required, posting in the "Good Guys" subforum is appreciated.

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