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What's in your match bag?

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Re: What's in your match bag?
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Something I see missing from every one of these lists is a large zip top bag.  The purpose?  To collect your spent brass when conditions are nasty, like rain and sleet.  You don't need your spent brass all nasty like rolling around the inside of your pack or with your loaded ammo.

Considering that if my rifle goes down, I'm probably out of that stage completely, I leave all "wanted" stuff in the vehicle (which is never more than a short walk back to in a comp. anyway) so I don't have to carry so much extra stuff with me.  What I'm talking about here is the data book, cleaning rods, etc.  I always have my allen wrenches for the rifle/scope on the gun in a Red Tac Gear LT Tool pack.

One final thing to consider is figuring out what the expected DA will be for the match location prior to showing up and printing out hard copies of your drop then keep that in a page protector for the match.  When it's nasty out, you don't want to constantly bring out your phone to calculate data.  I print my drops and figure a 5 mph wind full value.  From that I can figure everything else out.  Now I'm not dead in the water if my phone battery dies from constant use.  Yes I have it with me, and I now also carry an external charger in case the battery does die, but this is more for backup than primary use.  I've been in way too many comps getting rained and sleeted on that I found ways to manage my gear in these conditions.

A couple other items to consider given bad conditions: 12 second scope/action cover from Sage Flats Shooter.  I just picked one of these up recently and think it'll help a lot.  Used to use a padded scope cover to help keep rain out of the action in between stages but this new cover from Sage Flats looks too awesome to pass up for this purpose.  I also have a military wet weather bag (heavy duty large garbage bag would work) to place over my pack when it is raining/sleeting to further help protect my stuff.  Lastly, a bore snake.  Yep, bore snake to pull through the barrel right before coming up to the line.  I've literally poured about a cup of water out of my barrel in FL one year, then pulled the snake through and never missed a beat for over pressure rounds.


Re: What's in your match bag?
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Camelbak Motherlode , the contents:

2X SORD 20 rnd ammo holders
1X Victorinox swiss tool
Spare batteries for Peltour comtac
gloves (if not on hands)
field cleaning kit
1x small rear bag
1x med rear bag
1x large rear bag
2 lt of water
small snack
notebook/ data book
stuff sack for loose items

on my belt:
SORD padded belt.
4X mag pouch
1X SORD dump pouch (collecting brass at stages where possible or dropping a mag.)
1X kesteral pouch with kesteral

that's it. i like to roll as minimalist as possible. less shit to drag around means less fatigue and frustration.
I am currently reviewing my kit though and will be adding and modifying stuff as i have learned from my last 3 matches

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