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Newbie questions - age limit for competition and can we watch a match first?

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Glad to have found this forum!

My daughter, husband and I just recently completed a precision rifle course and my daughter (15) was encouraged by the instructor to look into the Border War series to dip her toe into competition. Sad to see that membership is already filled up for this season, but I still had a few questions. Is there an age limit to compete? Can we attend one of the matches as spectators first just to get a feel for how it works, what kind of gear she'll need, what to expect, etc?

Appreciate any info you can provide!

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Age limit would depend on the range/match I suppose. I don't know if I've ever encountered one. I attended a PRS style match down near Creston Iowa (High Lakes Range) in early April and on my squad there was a father and his 11 and 8 year old boys. They took turns using the same rifle and had a blast. They basically used a factory Savage rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor with a Nikon scope so you don't need to have super high end equipment, just come out and shoot.


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debbhahs - glad you found the place!  Who was the instructor for your class?  Was it Jim See by chance?

In any event, I don't think I've seen a match yet that has an "official" age restriction.  I've seen kids as young as 8 or 10 at matches - with a parent that was also shooting, or was a shooter and was helping them through the stages and ensuring they remained safe at all times with the rifle.  Safety is paramount!

At the age of 15, I would think that from a participation standpoint not many ranges would have an issue.  I do know that every range makes you sign a liability waiver, and so a parent would need to be present to sign on their behalf.  By 15, most kids are pretty good with safety, so it shouldn't be an issue.  But again - safety is paramount!  Competitors have been, and will continue to be, DQd from matches for safety violations.  Did I mention safety is important?  :D

In any event, yes, absolutely, every match I've ever shot has been open to spectators.

If you want to participate in a match, there is a match this Saturday (5/27) in Mt Auburn, IA.  It is not a BWRS match, but it is run in the same style with the same types of challenges, targets, and distances.  I think the cost is usually about $30 per person.  If you want to go, soot me a PM and I'll get you the info.  I believe it starts at 0900, but I'll have to double-check.  It's usually an 80-round match.  Shooters will need DOPE to 800 yards.

As for gear, the best way to get a feel for that is honestly to shoot a match.  I've yet to see a fellow competitor who wouldn't lend out a tripod, or a support bag or something to another shooter.  It really is a great community, I think you'll enjoy it.
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