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Rifle Match Tracker for Android released!

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Rifle Match Tracker for Android released!
« on: May 14, 2017, 05:14:32 PM »

Jeff M

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The newest app from Precision Rifle Forums is available in the Play Store!  Enter ALL the information from your match book, and more!  Enter info such as:

Squad number
Match notes
Score, finish (place)
Match location & travel time

Stage numbers, names, targets, and scores
Target distances, sizes, shapes, elevation windage, DA, prone or positional, first round impacts

The app also aggregates all DOPE that you've entered, and will generate DOPE charts using that info.  Sort by distance or DA.

Future plans also include analyzing match performance to show your own personalized chances of getting a first round impact on a target at X yards from either prone or positional, and lots of other cool stuff.

Get it here:

Supports Android 6.0 and higher.
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