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Hello From DFW Texas

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Hello From DFW Texas
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:22:20 PM »


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Newb here, sort of. Just came over after Jeff M. mentioned this from FB. I am serious about doing this. What this is, well....

Getting equipment together for training and to enter PRS production class next year.

So far this year, I accumulated the following:

Bergara BMP, 6.5CM
SAS ArbiterTi and ReaperTI
Bushy HDMRII in H59 Flavor
XLR Rings and base, lapped/bedded and mounted
5 mags: 3 10rd 2 5 rd.
sling blue force padded
Harris bipod with podloc
good case
redding and forster dies
300 pieces of hornady brass
 5 lbs of H4350
100 Nosler 140gr RDFS
several thousand CCI Br2's
Chargemaster with brass insert from off of SH.

Going to get a more compact spotter, and a Garmin 701. Currently using AB app and a Kestrel 4000 with BT. 701 is more a want, I know. But I do need a GPS for other things, and I like the idea of having more than one device. Need training/coaching/education more than any of this equipment stuff.  :o
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Re: Hello From DFW Texas
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Jeff M

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Welcome, glad to see you found it ok!

That's a nice looking list you've got there.  For production class, I think you'll be just fine.

As for a spotting scope..  Honestly, I'm not entirely convinced there's a TON of value there.  Don't take that as gospel, of course, it's just that in the few years I've been doing this, I keep saying "I'm going to get a spotter".  I've had REALLY good chances at them, too - like 50% off anything Vortex - and still, I manage to find other things that money would be better spent on - whether it's more bullets, or a practice rifle (cheaper to shoot, saves barrel life on the match gun), match fees, training fees, travel $, you name it.

I don't know.  I enjoy looking through others that get brought to matches, and part of me almost feels guilty that I don't have one to bring to matches for RO use if needed.  It's just that there's already SO much glass at every match, and I do carry binos, so..  I don't know that I want to be carting it around (assuming an RO doesn't need it).  And if I'm being selfish about it, I haven't ever had a need for one when I was practicing, so if I did ever bring it to a match, I'd end up letting an RO use it since I don't want to carry it, so..  Long story short, I'd be buying a spotting scope pretty much for the sole purpose of lending it to ROs at a match.  While that is a very noble and worthy cause, believe me (spotting scopes are needed or matches don't happen), I just haven't reached that point yet where I have the spare funds to allow for it, or the desire to own one myself, I suppose.

One thing I didn't notice on your list is a laser rangefinder.  If you only plan to shoot PRS, then you should be fine, PRS MDs usually have their poop in a pile.  But, if you plan to shoot other matches (regional, one-offs held on someone's ranch, etc), then having a rangefinder is very important.  Those types of matches - the MDs work very hard, and I definitely appreciate all that they do - but sometimes they don't have the best skills with a rangefinder, and may accidentally shoot the berm behind the target, or a small knoll in front of it, or they may shoot it correctly but then they have to end up moving the start box, etc etc.  It's always good to double-check yardages at matches like that.  I know I've dropped several points because of it - and it's my own fault, since I do carry a rangefinder and was just too lazy to doublecheck.

As for an education - I don't know how far you are from Oklahoma, but Jim See does phenomenal training, and he has a place down in Oklahoma.  He's on here, not sure how often he reads.  But look him up and shoot him a PM and ask about training.

And then, of course, since you're in Texas - there's always Rifles Only.  Great folks.
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Re: Hello From DFW Texas
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What ^^^he^^^ said! lol
That's a better response than I could come up with.