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New member from Wisconsin

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New member from Wisconsin
« on: April 10, 2018, 04:16:09 PM »

Tim JN

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I own Broughton 5C Rifle Barrels located just south of Fond du Lac. I purchased the company in 2002 and moved it to Wisconsin. I have lived here since the age of 12. I love the shooting sports as an enthusiast all my life. I became a Life NRA member in the 80s. I was trained as an NRA multi discipline instructor in the 90s. Hunting and fishing in Wisconsin are my passions.

When I started the company I started shooting 100-200 yds. centerfire and rimfire. I progressed very successfully into 1000yd benchrest. The experiences learned have served myself well. I enjoy offering my experience to others, so please contact me anytime.

Tim North

Re: New member from Wisconsin
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Jeff M

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Welcome to the forum!  Glad to have you!
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Re: New member from Wisconsin
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Welcome.  I'm just a little over a half hour north of Fond Du Lac.  Glad to have you.
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