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*NRL* JC Steel Target Challenge - WA - 5/12-5/14

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*NRL* JC Steel Target Challenge - WA - 5/12-5/14
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2017 JC Steel Target Challenge
MATCH DIRECTORS: Jake Vibbert / Nick Gadarzi

Sponsored by JC Steel Targets

Cost: $285
Dates: May 12th 14th (Registration starts February 1st 2017 at 6PM PST)
Location: 262 Beckley Rd, Benge, WA 99105

JC Steel Targets Inc. is proud to have its 4th annual JC Steel Target Challenge!

Get ready for an action-packed shooting challenge that demands your utmost physical and mental toughness. Take aim on premium A500 targets provided by match sponsor JC Steel to fight agains the clock, the elements, and your competitors to see who can complete this once-in-a-lifetime challenge! Stages will require navigation through barricades and natural terrain to fire on differently sized and oriented targets all while under an ever-ticking time limit, so make sure you come prepared as we strive you have minimal down time. Expect ranges from 1 yard to 1,400, with the majority ranging from 200-800 yards. Pistol targets will be from 10 to 50 yards. And yes, it is true, you will be flying in and shooting from an actual helicopter! Specifics will be provided at the match, be sure not to miss this one!

Calibers will be 300 mag and under for rifle, 9mm-45Cal for pistols, you will need to knock over some plates so plan according on power factor.
Round count will be roughly 220 rifle, 50 rounds of pistol. CaracalUSA will be providing their Enhanced F 9mm for shooters wishing to use it, Thanks Caracal!!
Muzzle velocity at 3200 FPS or under. We will check randomly!

You can shoot either your bolt rifle or your semi-auto but you are only allowed to carry one rifle during the entire match, bolt or gas. You will also be shooting your match rifle out of the helicopter, so pack accordingly.

You will be required to carry all your gear with you all day, there will be some hiking so make sure to plan and pack for it.

Pre-Match practice competition TUNE UP

This is a great opportunity to shoot on location here at Blue Ridge Rifle Range! You will be able to engage targets from 100-1400 yards, be able to get familiar with the match settings, crawl on all the barricades/towers, and you will have lots of targets to shoot at! Open 10AM-4PM. Cost-$49

Registration will be first come, first serve. Limit 90 shooters, 80 open slots and 10 reserved for sponsors and special guests. Last year we filled up in one day, so when it is time to register be ready so you are not left out!


-The Best Western in Ritzville will be offering special rates for JC Steel Target Challenge competitors!
-You can bring a tent if you would like, but it is the Northwest and it might be mild weather. So take your chances, last year we had many campers.
-Camping vehicles and RVs are fine as well. We had lots of these last year, but we do not have hook ups so it will be dry RVing only. After you get to the ranch we can provide needed transportation to and from the shooting areas. Range will be open Friday Morning to come out.


Chamber Flags are required during the match and all range activities. No exceptions. Ear and Eye protection recommended and is mandatory for all pistol shooting.

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