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Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge (Canada - close to NY and MI)

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It is with great pleasure that I announce the first Canadian Precision Rifle Series points race match. We have received the base commander's approval to hold the event on the artillery range of the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre near Meaford Ontario., located approximately 2 hours north-west of Toronto and within proximity to border crossings in New York and Michigan.

Title Sponsor: Insite Arms
Please visit them at:

Match Information (more to come)

Dates: September 3-4th 2016
Location: 4th Canadian Division Training Center just outside of Meaford, Ontario, Canada.
Stages: 15-20
Distances: Up to 1800 yards possible (CoF tbd)
Round Count: 175-200+
Zeroing: Friday prior to the match (100 yards and some longer distances - tbd)

We have use of the barracks and mess hall (optional). Cost tbd, but it will be very reasonable. Boxed lunches will be provided on the match days (included in the match fee).

ATT letters for restricted firearms (this means ARs) will be provided following registration to the match.

Info on what is required to bring rifles into Canada is on the webpage.

If you are interested in sponsoring the match, please contact me.

I you are interested in helping RO, we will provide your room and meals for the weekend. If you can assist us with setup on Thursday the 1st., you can shoot some of the stages when we finalize and proof them.