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My name is Joe.  I'm the LE Sales Manager at Daniel Defense and have been with the company for 12 years.  In my past life, I was an MP in the Marine Corps.  I shoot carbines a lot and recently got the bug to do some more long range stuff.  Shot my first precision rifle club match earlier this month and got a serious bug to do more. 

I've joined this forum to learn more about the gear and the discipline of long range shooting.


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Jeff M

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Welcome!  Always nice to have more industry guys here.  I've long lusted over Daniel Defense rifles, but I can only afford to sink so much money into different disciplines, and bolt guns have my current attention.

I do have an AR-15 lite handguard on a DMR build though. Super light, awesome!

If DD would be interested in a banner ad on the forum, shoot me a PM to discuss. Rates are very reasonable.
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Happy to have you here Joe.  DD is definitely on my short list of rifles Id like to buy in the next year.

I recommend browsing through the entire forum but also checking out the Precision Rifle Media Forum and the associated podcast.  We try to make it very informative for all levels of shooters.

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Welcome to the forum Joe! My name is Larry.
It's nice to have an industry professional in here (or another one), to help us with gear selection and all.